当读书,则读书,心无着于见客也;当见客,则见客,心无着于读书也。一有着,则私也。灵明无着,物来顺应,未来不迎,当时不杂,既过不恋。是之谓虚而已矣,是之谓诚而已矣,以此读《无妄》《咸》《中孚》三卦。盖扞格者鲜矣。 —- 曾国藩文集

Welcome to my personal website. I was born in FuYang ZheJiang Province. I obtained my B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph.D., in Library and Information Science in 2003, 2005 and 2019 from Northeast Normal University and Sun Yat-Sen University respectively.  I am a professor of library science (Yan Jiu Guan Yuan) and the deputy university librarian of GuangDong University of Foreign Study since December 2018.

I have published twenty seven research papers on digital libraty, library management,digital innovation and digital humanities. My main research interests including but not limited to Digital Library, Library Strategy Development and Customer-centric Information Solutions.

At other times, I watch my daughter grow, and read some books hopefully.

Write me at: guofu -at- iyatou.com